Susan and I have been on 15  cruises in the last 10 years, six of the with Wingers n' Waves.  We find the attention that Deanna & Albert put to the members is outstanding.  We have gone on a couple of other cruises with GWRRA, not part of Wingers n' Waves and found them good, but not great.  With Deanna you start at great and it gets even better.  There are always get togethers with the other members, games, and just plain fun.  She and Albert go all out to please us all.
We have also used Deanna for some personal tours and she always comes through with something that makes our trip fun and memorable.  We highly recommend her as a source for any vacation you have planned. And be sure you try a Wingers n' Waves cruise - you'll never regret it...!   Bill and Susan AZ-R

​​Winger Testimonials:

"Kathy and I have been on 30 plus cruises in the last 10 years and we have found that Deanna and Albert provide the best customer service we received. If you are a first time cruiser or have cruised several times you will find the attention to detail from Deanna to be extremely helpful. They keep you informed of every process and will walk you through any of the details you need to register and schedule boarding, dining, entertainment etc. in order to achieve a great cruise experience. Even during the cruise they are always available to advise you and during their scheduled events even entertain you! We have been on 5 WINGERS-N-WAVES cruises and look forward to more. By the way if you want to plan any extra cruises Deanna very promptly and efficiently responds to any request."

 Bill and Kathy - Chapter  FL1-K

"We enjoyed the cruise tremendously and will certainly tell all our GWRRA family, our friends, and family about it.  These cruises are such a great way to do something something really special within the GWRRA framework to stay in touch with our GWRRA extended family outside our regular rallies." - Bob & Karla Greer CA-A

“All cruises are good, but we knew this would be even better with close friends. It was really great being able to spend and share stories with other Goldwingers.” – Newton, Chapter GA-B

“You & your team made out trip more memorial & fun than anyone could ever expect we were so lucky to have a team like yours to handle everything so we could have fun & enjoy. Thank's very much and looking forward to the next one.” - Randall & Jane,  AL-"M"/Region "A" ​

Chapter Y, "Wings of the North" in Houghton Lake Mi. went on the Wingers-n-Waves cruise The ship was beautiful and we were all first-time cruisers. It was a fun time for all of us. We would like to thank Deanna Cisson for all the hard work that she put into making this cruise possible. We enjoyed meeting up with other chapter members and taking part in the activities that she had planned for us. If you have the chance to go on a Chapter Cruise directed by Deanna, by all means go, you won't regret it.    Ron & Jackie, MI-Y  "Wings Of The North"

“We had 20 cruising with us from Indianapolis.  We had a great cruise, met a lot of GWRRA members from all over the United States. The activities that were planned for GWRRA members were fun and again it was fun to meet some new members, talk about some of their rides and events and catch up with some old friends.   Thanks for all your planning and hard work and we are looking forward to cruising with you again.” - Paula and Joe, Chapter Directors L-2 Greenwood, IN

"A different kind of Goldwing cruising, without your wheels, but with the wind still in your faces. With the same friendship and comrabery we find would on the road."  Gail & Dick GA-2B

 ​​"I just want to commend you on the wonderful job that you did putting this all together. My best friend and I had a wonderful time. The shows were awesome, the food superb and the staff was phenomenal. We would love to go on other cruises as well. Thank you again for all that you do for us. You are the best!"  - Marcia GA-E2